you hunger to live from a place of bold yet compassionate truth but could use some fortification.
you sense something inside you, longing to give you direction but doubts speak louder.
you’re fed up with the shoulda, coulda, oughtas, but aren’t sure how to move beyond them.  

You’re at a crossroads & ready to live from your core…that’s pretty badass.

Lavet’s combination of directness + compassion is rare in the coaching world. She’s hard-ass enough to get you moving and kind enough to let you heal. And while she knows how to encourage you, she’s never just a cheerleader. Everything she gives you is designed to speak truth, create breakthroughs, and get you moving forward on your own power. Lavet’s focus on grit and resilience is coupled with a unique ability to create space for the healing that must come after a loss. She’s definitely the coach to turn to when you want to see some serious forward movement backed by just the right amount of support.”

Rachelle Mee-Chapman, Seattle

“Lavet really approaches her clients with a gentle ear and a compassionate spirit… She understands how to bring a holistic perspective to both business strategy and personal development. Sometimes personal coaches approach life-coaching from a very “business” angle, but Lavet approaches it much differently. She’s determined to bring out the best in people and once you feel your best and feel confident, you really can do and achieve anything. Thank you so much for your wisdom over the years Lavet!”

P. C., New Jersey